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School Supplies

Two students pose for a photo

Download your students' school supply list below!

School Supply Lists

Kindergarten Parents

On the supply list it states that Kindergarten students will need two marble story composition books. Story composition books have larger lines for writing and space at the top for illustrations as shown in the image below.

Photo of primary composition notebook with large writing lines and space for drawing

Metzler School Store

One of the service projects and fundraisers for Metzler is the operation of a school store. Students may purchase items such as mechanical pencils, erasers, etc. at the school store daily from 7:40 a.m. – 8:05 a.m. throughout the year after the first week of school. The school store is located in the first grade hallway.

School Store Shopping Days by Grade Level

Mondays: Kindergarten & 1st Grade
Tuesdays: 2nd Grade
Wednesdays: 3rd Grade
Thursdays: 4th Grade
Fridays: 5th Grade