Math Club
Math Club Sponsors - Mrs. Mims and Ms. Bingham

We had a great first year in Math Club. As this year comes to an end, we look forward to next year's math team. We will be having tryouts at the beginning of the 2016-17 school year. At this time, we have will have space for ten 4th graders and ten 5th graders. If your child is interested in being on the math team, you can have them practice over the summer by downloading the practice tests that can be found on this page. Students on the math team must have immediate recall of all addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts. They must also be able to grasp advanced math concepts quickly.
Metzler Mathletes
Theiss Math Competition Winners
4th Grade
Number Sense
18th - Aidan Forsythe
7th – Jaelon Wynne
11th – Rose Liardon
15th – Adam Grinestaff
19th – Elizabeth Gaus-Schmidt  
General Math
9th – Rose Liardon
5th Grade
4th – Georgia Mawyer
6th – Nyla Poole
8th – Madison Stephens
12th – Emma Erickson

Mueller Math Competition Winners

4th Grade 

Number Sense 

16th - Aidan Forsythe

6th - Jaelon Wynne


  20th - Ben Nguyen

  16th - Aidan Forsythe

  12th - Rose Liardon

  10th - Colin VanRaemdonck

7th - Elizabeth Gaus-Schmidt

    3rd - Jaelon Wynne

General Math

    18th - Elizabeth Gaus-Schmidt

    13th - Aidan Forsythe

    8th - Jaelon Wynne

    7th - Colin VanRaemdonck

5th Grade

Number Sense

    15th - Madison Stephens


    18th - Leo Bucher

    15th - Nyla Poole

    5th - Georgia Mawyer

    3rd - Madison Stephens

What is Math Team?
Math Team spends the year learning and practicing Intermediate level math. The students go to several contests throughout the year competing against other elementary students. The tests (Number Sense, Calculator, and General Math) are written tests and are taken individually. There are no team competitions. 

Number Sense - Students have 10-15 minutes to answer as many questions as they can (total of 80). You can not show any work. It must all be done in your head. This test is taken in pen and any scratch marks/write-overs are marked wrong. Any questions skipped are also marked incorrect.

Calculator - Students are given 30 minutes to answer 80 questions. Metzler provides a TI-34 MutliView for students to use. This test is taken in pencil. Answers need to be written in scientific notation with 3 significant digits. All skipped questions are considered incorrect.

General Math - Students are given 40 minutes to answer 50 questions. This test is taken in pencil, and students are not penalized for skipped questions.

Coach Paul
We had the pleasure of getting Coach Paul to teach our Math Club this year. Paul is a retired KISD Intermediate Math teacher. He is an expert on all the tests that we take when we go to competition. If your child is interested in attending his summer math camps, check out the link below.
Number Sense Tests
Number Sense Elementary #3
Number Sense Elementary #3 Key
Calculator Tests
Calculator Elementary Test #3
Calculator Elementary Test #3 Key

General Math Tests
General Math Elementary #3
General Math Elementary #3 Key
Math Tricks
UIL Number Sense Tricks for Beginners

Number Sense Tricks Book

Number Sense Tricks

More Number Sense Tricks

West Texas A&M Intermediate Math Tutorials