School Hours
The daily schedule for the school year will be:
7:45 Students Admitted in Building/Breakfast Program Begins
8:00 Morning Bell Rings and Small Groups Begin
8:14  Tardy Bell
9:45 Attendance Bell
3:35 Dismissal - Bus riders dismissed as buses arrive/Car riders dismissed as cars arrive
Pre-K Hours
A.M. Session
7:55 A.M. - Class Begins
8:14 A.M. - Tardy Bell  
11:05 A.M. - Class Ends

P.M. Session
12:20 P.M. - Class Begins
12:30 P.M. - Tardy Bell
3:30 P.M.- Class Ends
School Hours and Arrival Procedures
The doors to Metzler are open from 7:45 am to 4:00 pm. We ask parents to reinforce to their children the importance of remembering everything they need for assignments before leaving the classroom at the end of the day. As a safety precaution, children will not be allowed to enter the building after 4:00 pm.

Students should not come to school prior to 7:45 am unless their bus arrives prior to that time. Please be aware that our paraprofessional staff duty day does not begin until 7:45 am. Our school doors open to receive our wonderful children at 7:45 am when our paraprofessionals are on duty, ready to supervise the children. Students are not allowed in any part of the building prior to this time. Should you need a list of morning day-care providers in this area, who transport to Metzler after 7:45 am, we would be happy to provide this information. Our goal is to provide the best supervision for our children at all times.