Transportation Changes and Early Dismissals
Early Dismissals
If you know that your child will have to leave early, please send a note on the morning of the early dismissal. There will be no early dismissals after 2:45 in the afternoon unless you have sent a note with your child prior to the early dismissal. The office will sign an early dismissal permission form; in addition, parents will be required to come in and sign the child out before he/she will be allowed to leave the school. It would be to your advantage to obtain a doctor’s note when your child has an appointment with a doctor or dentist. These should be given to our attendance office upon return.
Transportation Changes
If your child is to go home by any means other than his/her usual way, please send a note so that the teacher will be aware of your plans. The teacher, in turn, will share this note with the front office staff. Dismissal is safest and most efficient when:
  • Students know exactly how to go home.
  • Students are prepared to follow directions.
  • Students have rain gear on days when it is raining.